Mira Mero means see clearly. Mira Mero’s services are developed in order to help responsible global professionals gain clarity in issues concerning social justice and sustainability.

Free Journaling Guide – Uncover Your Impact

Before you can create changes, you need to know what you want to change. With this journaling guide you’ll get some questions to reflect on, so’ll you gain more clarity on what kind of contribution you would like to make. Get your free Journaling Guide here.


Dilemma Talk

Talking to someone about your ethical dilemmas can be a nice relief. You’ll get more insight about what your dilemma is about, and the different possibilities to resolve your dilemma. If you want more understanding about the conflicting values and your thinking process? Write me an email to make an appointment.


Ethical Dilemma Analysis

Do you have an ethical dilemma and do you want to resolve it in an considerate and responsible manner? I can make a complete analysis, in which I map out what the dilemma exactly is, what the possible solutions and conflicting values are, and what arguments will help you make a decision of how to proceed. Contact me for more information.

Ethical project development

Do you want to start and develop a project on an issue concerning social justice or sustainability, taking into account all stakeholders and their values? An ethical project development will give you a clear view on the exact problem you’re trying to solve, the variety of solutions, stakeolders and their values, and how you can make a considerate responsible decision based on the right arguments. Contact me for more information.

Reflection on Idealistic Plans

Have you started writing out a plan to resolve a societal issue, but is it becoming a maze of perspectives and values, because you want to be as complete as possible? A reflection scan will give you feedback on the clarity, reliability, completeness, realism and engagement of your plan, so you will get more support and less resistance. Contact me for more information.


Ethics for schools and universities

Would you like Ethics in the curriculum of your university? At several universities I teach Ethics for biology students, bio-medical students and social-legal students. In a course they learn how to build a good argumentation, and they reflect on dilemmas from their future professional working field. Contact me for more information.

Are you not finding what you’re looking for? Check out my programs to see if there’s something that fits your needs. You can also contact me to ask your questions.