About FenandaLots of people do want to make a difference in the world.

They see what’s happening with the environment, with minorities, with animals, with climate change, but they can get overwhelmed and paralyzed to do anything.

In turn, you as an idealist or initiator might be paralyzed by their paralysis. They don’t see the value of your work and intentions.

Help them see clearly what’s going on.
Help them understand your views.

Uncover the arguments and values.

Be strong and explicit.
Be meaningful and nuanced.

Be clear.
Be persuasive.
Be impactful.


Diving deep and looking at the world upside down.
Calmly. Like sea turtles and sloths.

Laying in the sand behind a sea turtle that came on land at night and catching her 100 eggs to bring to a safer haven. Visiting a sloth sanctuary and holding a baby sloth.

These are a few of my mind-blowing experiences working for wildlife non-profits in Latin-America, that inspired me to put my philosophy talent to good use for the environment, wildlife and people.

Back in the Netherlands, I graduated in environmental ethics and philosophy. I took additional courses in anthropology, sociology, history and psychology to gain a broader perspective and understand why it can be so difficult to make change happen. I gained practical understanding through teaching, writing, facilitating, and consulting at working for the government, non-profits, businesses and universities.

about fenanda

I believe you need a sharp eye and a powerful flexible mind to make changes in our complex world.


You need to deal with paradoxes and inconsistencies. With criticism and resistance. It requires continuously shifting your perspectives and finding new dimensions.

I naturally have a critical intuition and mind to read between the lines and ask the right questions in an approachable, encouraging, yet challenging way.

I help you persuade others of your view or plan, without losing your integrity.
I help you articulate what you really want to say, in a way that connects with the views and values of others. Getting the arguments right, making the values explicit. I also help you prepare for possible discussions, resistance and criticism, to prevent you from giving up or being frustrated.

From Brazil to South-Korea to the Netherlands.

Big contrasts in cultures ignited the shifts in my viewing of the world at a very young age. It’s not surprising I now live in a multi-cultural neighborhood in Haarlem, where I enjoy my neighbors salsa music in the summer.

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons, working on my sunny balcony garden surrounded by blueberries and bees, or taking a break strolling down the nearby river. In the cooler seasons I prefer to write in my notebooks by candle light with some warm orange tea and raw chocolate.