Do we really want to solve problems?

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  Costa Rican sea turtles protector found dead on the beach. The 26-year-old Jairo Mora Sandoval regularly patrolled a beach near Limón to protect sea turtles and their eggs from poachers, people who want to steal the eggs for sale. Last year he and his team of volunteers were ambushed by gunmen. The volunteers were able to escape, but he was tied up, beaten and shot in the head. (Source: Costa Rican Turtle Defender Found Slain on the Beach He … Read More

Discover important values with these simple questions

Values remind us of what we consider to be important and are a guideline to determine which actions are good. Values say something about the needs, expectations and ideals we have. People have quite a few differences in the needs, expectations and ideals, and these differences often lead to discussions and conflicts. Discussions can keep on going because we don’t know exactly what the disagreement is. It’s not always easy to discover important values underlying the conflict. You could check … Read More

Most common used excuses to ignore world problems

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Changing the world is not going to happen without some struggles. Because many people don’t want something to change and they usually don’t want to change themselves to solve certain problems. They love the status quo, because it suits them. They take advantage of the current state of affairs. Change is scary too, because they don’t know what they’ll get in return. So, there may be lots of resistance to change, even if that change solves problems. What is worse … Read More

Following your principles isn’t always easy

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Every year you hear in the news about the annual slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Japan. Sea Shepherd writes Every year in Japan 20,000 dolphins, porpoises and small whales slaughtered. From September 1st to usually far in March of the following year fishermen herd entire schools of small cetaceans in a shallow bay, after which they mercilessly stab and drown them. This annual slaughter of dolphins was virtually unknown until 2003, secretly obtained Sea Shepherd film and photos of … Read More

The paradox of developing plans

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You want to do something. You have an ideal that you want to realize. You want to develop your ideas enthusiastically. You want to get started! But while working out your ideas you can encounter some obstacles. Developing plans doesn’t happen flawlessly. You might be working on a a complicated issue. Or people aren’t collaborating with you. Or you yourself are being difficult. Developing plans is a paradoxical process. In order to have a plan succeed, you should focus, and … Read More

What is ethics?

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How should we treat other people? How should we treat animals? How should we deal with unborn and future generations? How should we deal with issues related to poverty, sexuality, reproduction, environment, immigration, health care, etc.? What is the right thing to do and how do we determine what the right thing is? Everybody thinks consciously or subconsciously about these questions, regardless of cultural background, nationality, profession, gender or age. Every day as a citizen, entrepreneur, employee or organization we … Read More

Being vulnerable in discussions

I must be strong. I shouldn’t show that what they said effects me, like when I find a comment unpleasant or offensive, because then I’m weak. I won’t ask any questions, because then they might think I ‘m stupid and don’t understand. And I definitely shouldn’t show when the other person is right. That will make me look like a fool. To convince others we must be strong. Clever. Sharp and alert. Quick. At least, that’s what we think. I … Read More

5 different ways to look at a problem

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To find innovation solutions to improve conservation efforts for environment and wildlife, you could hold some creative sessions. You will come together with a group of people and you’ll start brainstorming. Maybe you’ll even hire a creative facilitator to make you think way out-of-the-box, so you get the most insane and absurd ideas, from which you can distill practical useful ideas. What you could also do, is finding ways to look at a problem differently. If you change your perspective … Read More

How to listen really well

Some time ago I received a newsletter from Danielle LaPorte in my mailbox: Listening is giving the other person the experience of being heard. Listening Is not waiting for your turn to talk. It’s not devising your case in between pauses. It’s not just about understanding what the other person means, necessarily And it’s certainly not about agreeing. Wait a minute… I repeat: It’s not just about understanding what the other person means, necessarily I had to really think about … Read More

If your integrity is attacked

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I’m angry. I’m sad. How people can be. In such a way that it makes your stomach turn. In such a way that it existentially grabs you by the throat. There are people who will not listen, who will not argue well. They want to get their way, pump up their ego, indulge their pain on others. I do not know. I’m not a psychologist. It’s evident that they lose their clarity. Their ability to think logically. Today it happened … Read More

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