The paradox of developing plans

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You want to do something.
You have an ideal that you want to realize.
You want to develop your ideas enthusiastically. You want to get started!

But while working out your ideas you can encounter some obstacles.
Developing plans doesn’t happen flawlessly.
You might be working on a a complicated issue.
Or people aren’t collaborating with you.
Or you yourself are being difficult.

Developing plans is a paradoxical process.

In order to have a plan succeed, you should focus, and let go at the same time.

Plans give you overview.
Plans give you direction.
Plans give you guidance.
Plans kick you in the pants.

But you can also lose yourself in a plan when you focus and hold on too much.

You just keep on going on and on and on.
You don’t reflect any more.
You don’t see the bigger picture any more.
You don’t get any more new ideas.

Every now and then you need to let go make your plans for a moment.

Ideals sometimes need time to grow.
Sometimes you need time to grow.

Because sometimes your ideals are further than you are.

Developing plans


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  1. Ferdinand
    | Reply

    Excellent, makes my brains do overtime!

    I love making plans! I like the creativity,
    the rush of the Eureka moments,
    the struggle to note it down
    and the deception of replacing the last (unrealized) plan with this new one.

    today I tweeted
    Ferdinand Swart ‏@treecredits
    “agroforestry policy is a unique instrument in that it doesn’t have a stand-alone architecture of its own—except for the mission” #WCA2014

    agroforestry (permaculture) is central to all global solutions, to nature loss, climate change, hunger, poverty, ignorance and many more. It is the focus of all my plans, ultimately to double global tree cover.

    Agroforestry is the ancient way of affluence, but not fitting in any science, any department, any money stream. It seems illusive but fitting into all fields around (agriculture, forestry, environment, social, gender, economics, land-use, politics).

    Making plans seems impossible in this varying and shifting environment,
    but than there is a logical way out: to go with the flow while steering with a steady hand and with a clear vision ahead;
    while learning every day (by making plans) to enable you to do the next small step ahead.


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