Mira Mero means see clearly. Mira Mero's services are developed in order to help responsible global professionals gain clarity in issues concerning social justice and sustainability.


Reflection on Idealistic Plans

Have you started writing out a plan to resolve a societal issue, but is it becoming a maze of perspectives and values, because you want to be as complete as possible? A reflection scan will give you feedback on the clarity, reliability, completeness, realism and engagement of your plan, so you will get more support and less resistance. Contact me for more information.


Retreat Sustainability of Self

Sustainability of Self is a retreat for responsible global who challenge the status quo, and create changes through their work or daily life, but are struggling to sustain themselves. You will learn how to develop your own flexible framework to restore your integrity and balance through different modules like how to gain focus, express yourself creatively and mapping out your values. Read more about the retreat here.

Ethics for schools and universities

Would you like Ethics in the curriculum of your university? At several universities I teach Ethics for biology students, bio-medical students and social-legal students. In a course they learn how to build a good argumentation, and they reflect on dilemmas from their future professional working field. Contact me for more information.